Letter from ECI Chairman

Dear A.A. Member,

The East County Intergroup thanks you for time and consideration concerning a vigorous and vital effort underway on behalf of the Alcoholics Anonymous groups in San Diego’s East County. San Diego Coordinating Council, North County, Spanish and Native American Intergroups provide service options for meetings in localized regions. The East County Intergroup offers, in the spirit of cooperation and unity with all A.A. entities, an additional A.A. office in a more localized area of East County San Diego.

We envision the East County Intergroup as a further complement to the entire fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. An East County Intergroup Central Office will be responsible to the A.A. groups of East County with a specific focus on the needs, challenges and limitations of serving a large geographic region with smaller pockets of population.

The East County Intergroup is a small and persevering GSO recognized Intergroup. Our bylaws are modeled from local and national A.A. Intergroups. We thank them for their wise counsel and suggestions. We have a minimum of seven regularly represented and contributing East County groups at our monthly business meetings. We have a specific phone number for East County Intergroup A.A. service purposes, 1-877-993-2422(1-877-99eciaa), a virtual office at www.eastcountyaa.org, a general East County service brochure, comprehensive meeting schedule, and a newsletter. Our Common Welfare. We manage a fiscally responsible budget while doing East County Intergroup service work; providing books and literature at cost for new meetings, phone answering service, 12th Step Volunteers, Intergroup representation and outreach to East County groups. More can be done. With over 200 active groups in East County, much more can be done.

We followed the suggested A.A. method of establishing a “central office” from the pamphlet The A.A. Group with the 12 Traditions as our structural guide. Economy and discipline rules any effective operation and we impart to the East County groups the true need for group representation, participation and contributions. Since East County group contributions may be smaller, the East County Intergroup is prepared and willing to meet those real-life challenges with effective and reliable volunteers and a minimal operating budget. We pledge to seek solutions through informed group conscience.

What would be an effective minimal operating budget? We propose to maximize efforts and minimize cost by keeping any salary and overhead costs in check. Therefore an economical virtual office would provide an effective way to serve. We will actively encourage 12th Step work and participation from East County A.A. groups. They will perform yeoman’s work in maintaining an efficiently functional office. We will also actively pursue group representation, participation and contribution to fund our own efforts. Additionally, we are prepared to appeal to numerous other fellowship entities for operational funding of these efforts to comprehensively serve A.A. groups in East San Diego County.

Our co-founders, as well as all who follow the A.A. path, recognized the necessity and responsibility of carrying the message. The East County Intergroup presents this proposal to accomplish more immediate and personal representation to East County A.A. groups. The establishment of an East County Intergroup Central Office will facilitate an increased awareness and opportunity to carry the A.A. message. Your service is requested.


Eryk N.

Eryk N.
Business Chairman
East County Intergroup